JOnAS for Ubuntu: Testing

One of the work items that I picked up at UDS-N in Orlando was to produce some basic Ubuntu packaging for JOnAS (Java Open Application Server), a Java Enterprise Edition 5 certified application server stack.

Due to the complexities of packaging this stack from source and with the objective of maintaining JEE 5 certification, this packaging has been produced from the binary distribution of JOnAS 5.1.5; it will allow you to get up and running with JOnAS on the Natty Narwhal development release of Ubuntu server:

Grab the Latest Natty Narwhal Development ISO


So you can either burn a CD and install on some hardware; or as I normally do for testing install in a Virtual Machine.

Enable the JOnAS Ubuntu Packagers Testing PPA

Once you have installed  Natty Narwhal onto the infrastructure of your choice, you will need to enable the PPA (Personal Package Archive) that contains JOnAS for Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonas-ubuntu/testing

This will setup the JOnAS Ubuntu Testing PPA for use on your Ubuntu server.

Install JOnAS for Ubuntu

Now you are ready to install JOnAS 5.1.5:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jonas

This may take some time; the package for OpenJDK and JOnAS are both quite large.

And thats it; you should be able to access your JOnAS instance on http://localhost:9000/. You can then follow the JOnAS Getting Started guide; the examples are located in /usr/share/doc/jonas/examples.

Note that this is a first cut testing package so if you find any issues please email jonas-ubuntu at lists dot launchpad dot net.



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