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Jenkins for Ubuntu Oneiric: Call for Testing

Jenkins 1.409.1 has landed in Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot so now is the time to try it out and help with testing this new distribution model for Jenkins!

Getting Started

If you are not using the development release of Ubuntu, Oneiric Ocelot, grab a copy of the latest alpha-3 milestone pre-release:

Note that alpha releases are NOT always stable – be careful!  Jenkins is quite happy running on either a Desktop or a Server so take your pick.

Once you have an install of Oneiric Ocelot…

apt-get install jenkins

…should get you going.  Jenkins should startup and be visible on http://localhost:8080 (or the name of your server if you are installing it elsewhere).

A few things to note…

The package for Ubuntu differs in a few ways from the upstream Jenkins .deb packages you might have been using to-date:

  • Plugins are not bundled by default – normally Jenkins ships with the following plugins:
    • SSH Slaves Plugin
    • Maven Integration Plugin
    • Subversion Plugin

    Plugins should be compatible with this distribution packaged version of Jenkins – these can be installed through the ‘Manage Plugins’ option within Jenkins as normal.  I would recommend installing the Maven Integration Plugin at a minimum.

  • Native OS integration features that are disabled:
    • Solaris: support for libzfs and libembeddedsu4j.
    • Windows: native control of remote windows slaves, native integration with Windows process management, windows service deployment of Jenkins

    It is still possible to use Windows slaves; however they will need to be launched using JNLP from the slave itself.

  • Branding: if available on the client, the Web UI will use the Ubuntu font.
  • Packages + wrapper scripts are provided for:
    • Monitoring of arbitrary jobs: jenkins-external-job-monitor + see man jenkins-monitor-job for more details.
    • Jenkins CLI: jenkins-cli + see man jenkins-cli for more details.

Using Jenkins

The Jenkins website has a great getting started guide – see

Obviously you can skip the ‘Installing Jenkins’ section.

Reporting Bugs

If you find any problems please report bugs here

You can also find me (jamespage) in #ubuntu-server on Freenode IRC most weekdays.