Ubuntu Openstack activity update…

As Grizzly is about to release its first milestone, the Ubuntu Server Team thought it was a good opportunity to give an update on Ubuntu Server activities around Openstack.

Folsom Cloud Archive

Aside from a few SRU’s which are working through the system, the Folsom Cloud Archive for Ubuntu 12.04 is available and ready for use.

Please report any bugs that you find in packages from the Cloud Archive here.

In terms of communication around the Cloud Archive, general announcements about milestone and release availability will be made on ubuntu-cloud-anounce@lists.ubuntu.com.

We have also setup a new ML, cloud-archive-changes@lists.ubuntu.com,  which will be higher volume, per upload notifications as new and updated packages land in the Cloud Archive:

For details on how to enable and use the Cloud Archive on Ubuntu 12.04 look here.

Grizzly Trunk PPA

As we did for Folsom, a PPA is being maintained for Grizzly on Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu Raring with the latest changes for each of the core Openstack components.

This PPA should also contain any required dependencies to support Grizzly on Ubuntu 12.04 – check out its Launchpad page for full details on use and current build status.

Please report bugs against Ubuntu for any issues that you find during development in packages from the Grizzly PPA.

Note that these packages are not supported in the same way as the Cloud Archive; so please don’t use them post release of Grizzly in your production deployments!

Packaging branches

Packaging branches are maintained by the Openstack Ubuntu Testing team in the following branch URI format:


For example:


If you have a packaging change that you would like to contribute, Launchpad merge proposals should be made against these branches.

Note that the grizzly branch for any given component feeds both the main development release of Ubuntu and the Cloud Archive for Ubuntu 12.04.

Please target ‘UNRELEASED’ in the changelog entry (rather than ‘raring’ or ‘quantal’ for example) unless you are the Ubuntu Server Dev responsible for the next upload to the Ubuntu or Cloud archive.

These branches feed the automated build and deployment testing of Openstack on Ubuntu; see Jenkins for results.

Testing Changes

The Ubuntu Server team continues to focus on the quality of Openstack on Ubuntu; as part of this we undertake significant CI testing of Openstack on bare metal.

We are pleased to announce that the following components are currently being added to the Openstack CI reference architecture that we test in the lab:

  • Quantum
  • Cinder

We are also adding Ceph as an option, with support for Glance, Cinder and Nova.

As a result there may be periods of time when limited automated deployment and testing activity is undertaken whilst manual testing of these changes is underway in the lab.

Please refer to the Server Team Wiki for more details on branches, PPA’s and testing activities.


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