Ubuntu OpenStack Activity Update, February 2013

Folsom 2012.2.1 Stable Release Update

A number of people has asked about the availability of OpenStack 2012.2.1 in Ubuntu 12.10 and the Ubuntu Cloud Archive for Folsom; well its finally out!

Suffice to say it took longer that expected so we are making some improvements to the way we manage these micro-releases going forward which should streamline the process for 2012.2.3.

Cloud Archive Version Tracker

In order to help users and administrators of the Ubuntu Cloud Archive track which versions of what are where, the Ubuntu Server team are now publishing Cloud Archive reports for Folsom and Grizzly.

Grizzly g2 is currently working its way into the Ubuntu Cloud Archive (its already in Ubuntu Raring) and should finish landing into the updates pocket next week.

News from the CI Lab

We now have Ceph fully integrated into the testing that we do around OpenStack; this picked up a regression in Nova and Cinder in the run up to 2012.2.1.

This highlights the value of the integration and system testing that we do in the Ubuntu OpenStack CI lab (see my previous post for details on the lab). Identifying regressions was high on the list of initial objectives we agreed for this function!

Focus at the moment is on enabling testing of Grizzly on Raring (its already up and running for Precise) and working on an approach to testing the OpenStack Charm HA work currently in-flight within the team. In full this will require upwards of 30 servers to test so we are working on a charm that deploys Ubuntu Juju and MAAS (Metal-as-a-Service) on a single, chunky server, allowing for physical-server-like testing of OpenStack in KVM. For some reason seeing 50 KVM instances running on a single server is somewhat satisfying!

This work will also be re-used for more regular, scheduled testing outside of the normal build-deploy-test pipeline for scale-out services such as Ceph and Swift – more to follow on this…

Ceilometer has also been added to the lab; at the moment we are build testing and publishing packages in the Grizzly Trunk PPA; Yolanda is working on a charm to deploy Ceilometer.

Ceph LTS Bobtail

The next Ceph LTS release (Bobtail) is now available in Ubuntu Raring and the Ubuntu Cloud Archive for Grizzly.

One of the key highlights for this release is the support for Keystone authentication and authorization in the Ceph RADOS Gateway.

The Ceph RADOS Gateway provides multi-tenant, highly scalable object storage through Swift and S3 RESTful interfaces.

Integration of the Swift protocol with Keystone completes the complementing story that Ceph provides when used with OpenStack.

Ceph can fulfil ALL storage requirements in an OpenStack deployment; its integrated with Cinder and Nova for block storage, Glance for image storage and can now directly provide integrated, Swift compatible, multi-tenant object storage.

Juju charm updates to support Keystone integration with Ceph RADOS Gateway are in the Ceph charms in the charm store.

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