OpenStack Charms in Sydney

Next week at the OpenStack Summit in Sydney we have a few sessions scheduled for the OpenStack Charms project.

If you’re new to OpenStack deployment using Juju and the OpenStack Charms then the general project update on Tuesday at 3.20 pm would be a good introduction. The session is only 20 minutes long so won’t take up to much of your day – Ryan and I will be doing a short 101 and providing some detail on new features for Pike and plans for Queens!

If you would like to get involved with OpenStack Charm development then pop along to the project on-boarding session at 3.10 pm on Monday – this session will be much more hands on and we’ll drive content based on what participants need, rather than having a fixed agenda,

If you’re an OpenStack Charm user and would like the opportunity to provide direct feedback to the development team then please come and tell us what you like and don’t like in the operators feedback session in the Forum on Tuesday at 9.50 am.

Looking forward to another great summit and seeing the other side of the planet for the first time – see you all in Sydney next week!


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